"Gentleman" Beard Oil

Gentleman-  An American-Made Beard oil by Savage Gentleman

Inspired by the idea of leather-bound books and a fine cigar, this beard oils smells as any true gentleman should. The Savage Gentleman “Gentleman” Beard Oil blend will not only make you feel more refined, but it will also refine your beard.

With a notion of Earl Grey tea, combined with the scent of leather and tobacco, it is an instant classic that is sure to impress.

Packed with powerhouse skin and hair-nourishing oils, this beard oil blend incorporates:

  1. Apple Seed Oil provides the skin with important vitamins and minerals such as sulfur, which is a crucial nutrient for collagen production, to promote strong hair and healthy elastic skin.
  2. Avocado Oil is High in Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids, this oil is easily absorbed into the skin to provide necessary moisture and antioxidants for healthy skin and hair growth.
  3. Castor Oil has long been used to promote healthy hair-growth due to its ability to stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation—which can cause hardening of hair follicles and hair loss.
  4. Essential Oil blend all of the essential oils incorporated into this beard oil blend were chosen not only for their amazing scent but also for their many aromatherapy and skin benefits. Neroli helps to keep skin toned, Clary Sage helps to reduce inflammation of hair follicles to help prevent hair loss, and Copaiba helps to magnify the overall benefits of this beard oil.
Here's a video that shows the process of developing our beard oils:

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Smells Great

Smells great, my beard is softer and more controllable.

Beard oil and coffee

Can’t say enough the coffee is awesome and the beard oil works it have helped me grow in some of the patchy areas on my face plus I use it in my hair to to resupply it with oils that I wash out and it does wonders

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