What Would You Say?

I am haunted by my future self...

A specter that is the combined sum of all my human potential. I've had glimpses of this apparition throughout my past, but they were nothing more than ethereal wisps of what could be.

As of late, I can see this spirit far more vividly. Though once silent, it now occasionally speaks to me. Fortunately, it is a friendly ghost whose only aim seems to be in helping me.

It guides me in my day to day and helps to steer me in the right direction whenever I begin to drift off course. This ghost of my future self exists to show me all that I can become. It walks besides me and tells me important things like:

- Take care of that ankle injury, you're gonna need that to be healed one day

- Be gentle with your daughter, the person she will eventually become depends on how you interact with her now.

- Love on your wife and kids with all your heart as often as you can.

- Spend  more time with your parents, you won't always have the chance- Don't worry so much about the business, things will work out just fine.

- Look over to your right...

I turn and see an owl glide silently through the trees. 

As I continue my walk, I feel this phantom of my own potential still near, matching me step for step.

I'm not entirely sure who sent it and how long it will be with me, but for now, it is a pleasant companion that I can only hope to meet in the flesh one day.

If your future self that is living out all your biggest dreams could talk to you today, what advice would would he give?

Would you listen?


My future self would tell me “you have lived almost 60 years. You have had success and failure. Learn from your mistakes. You don’t have much time left”.

Charlie London September 01, 2023

I think I would tell myself to cherish my family more. Now. Invest myself in my children. Stop assuming they’re getting it by osmosis, explain myself to them. Love my wife even more and grow my patience. Give more of what I am. Thank God for every moment He’s given us all.

Al R. September 01, 2023

My future self would probably tell me that even though dreams may get delayed, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be fulfilled. Helping others to fulfill their dreams can only be insight into furthering your own dreams. Never give up on a dream just because you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Always show kindness even when it seems impossible to do so, because you will never know who will the person that will end up helping you the most to fulfill your dreams. And lastly don’t forget to be vigilant and mindful in everything you do.

Joshua Rice August 31, 2023

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