Why We Exist...

Savage Gentleman was born out of the realization that men today have become too one-dimensional. There was once a time when a man was well versed and proficient in multiple facets of his life.

In the past, men by necessity were capable of being savages and chose to be gentlemen. This was a conscious and continual effort because he intuitively knew the Savage Gentleman dichotomy was integral to navigating this journey we call life.

To us, this is the ideal state of man... the consistent cultivation of both aspects in an effort to reach his highest potential. We recognize that we are complex and dynamic beings. And with proper guidance and determination, we can collectively achieve greatness and improve the world around us.

But somewhere along the way, we have lost sight of this noble pursuit. Modern convenience and complacency have deflated such ambitions. Too many men are content to only half-heartedly aim to reach the lowest hanging fruits.

It is our mission to inspire men to be more… and to empower them to pursue this idealism unashamedly and unapologetically. We seek to expand their horizons and aspire beyond what they have imagined...to become the best version of themselves.

To be a Savage Gentleman.

What We Do...

In addition to exploring what it means to be a better man through our Podcast, our Blog and the League, we are also committed to finding ways to create and design better products for men. Since our inception, we strive to blend old world material and aesthetics with cutting edge technology.

We fell in love with leather craft, and found it to perfectly represent both the Savage and the Gentleman. Being rugged and primal, yet classy and sophisticated, leather wallets became our primary medium for creating high-end, well-made goods for men that appreciate craftsmanship and durability.

From this concept, our first Tradesmen Wallets were designed and brought to life. And like all of our wallets, they are still handcrafted by us in our Trolley Square workshop.

Continuing to expand our product line, we launched our vintage inspired Hemingway Collection. With each piece meticulously designed from the ground up, our flagship apparel line continues to embody the Savage Gentleman ideals of form, function, and unmatched quality.