About us

"The world is full of savages and gentlemen. Rare is it to find the man who can be both. It is not ideal to be void of all trace of masculinity, nor is it suitable to succumb to one's every base desire. There must be a balance struck between the two sides of this same coin that is manhood. This is the plight of the Savage Gentleman, to cultivate both aspects of his being and achieve his full potential."

  • Our goal is to be a source of inspiration and guidance for the modern male, as well as provide high quality goods to accommodate both the savage and the gentleman.


Matt Winslow

Matt Winslow is the Co-Founder of Savage Gentleman and handles the operations side of the business. Matt is typically the guy behind the scenes and behind the camera, which is just the way he likes it. Coming in at 65% Gentleman and 35% Savage, Matt is a straight razor aficionado and former Marine Infantryman. A machinist by trade, Matt enjoys building anything and everything: custom motorcycles, pistols, and of course, fine leather goods. 

When he's not working at Savage Gentleman, Matt loves the outdoors and in particular, climbing. When he's not climbing frozen waterfalls or Utah's most iconic rock formations, Matt spends time with his beautiful wife and son.


Josh Tyler Savage Gentleman

Josh Tyler makes up the other part of Savage Gentleman and heads up the business development and creative side. As a professional fighter and outdoorsman, Josh falls more on the savage side but can still be a gentleman if need be.

Though he is much more comfortable applying his craft in the cage than in a suit, he still appreciates a nice glass of Scotch and the value of a well kempt beard. In his spare time, you can find Josh training at the gym, practicing his survival skills in the wild, or just enjoying some down time with his wife and kids.