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Leather Declaration of Independence


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Leather Declaration of Independence

Art has never looked this good! This copy of the Declaration of Independence is made from thick 8-10 oz. cowhide leather and measures: 22" x 17.5" 

It's a classy piece that can be framed or hung as is in your man-cave, office, or study. After it is engraved, it is then gold inlaid that enhances and distinguishes this revolutionary document.

Get this bad ass, one of a kind, token of freedom today! (Unless of course, you hate America and democracy.) 

Due to the large sizes of leather needed and because these come from real animals, brands, scars, and other imperfections exist. It lends an authenticity that looks damn amazing and leaves no doubt the art hanging on your wall is as hardwearing as the original. 

*Framing can be easily accomplished by using 3M wall tape on the back of the Declaration of Independence and an art board of your color choosing. Any frame can then be used. 

** Hanging on the wall is easily accomplished by using 3M wall tape and directly affixing it to the wall. 

Customer Reviews

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Keith Young
Beautiful Document

Imperfect men wrote the Perfect document and we still have a ways to go to live up to all its ideas. This sturdy leather replica is a conversation piece to say the least. Love the quality and I'm extremely satisfied.

Salman Dar

Beautiful piece of history and art. Delivered right on time for Christmas. Keep up the great work.

Jeremy Machia
Leather Declaration

First off I like the item an the idea behind it. It is a great piece of leather to work with and the lettering was stamped out well but the finish work was awful. The gold lettering was horribly done some letters were not filled in all the way an a couple not at all. But the biggest issue was the fact that the gold was smeared all across it like it was just wiped on with a rag an the excess left behind. Communication by the seller is not existent as I called a few times no answer but has a recording to email so I emailed twice with no response either time. So as I was stuck with the product an wanted a nice product I took matters in my own hands an fixed it myself. I had to re-dye the leather with leather dye to a slightly darker color an put 2 coats on to cover up the gold smearing that was not on the lettering that had to be buffed off lightly and carefully. Then had to go over all the lettering by hand with a 24 karat gold leather paint. Process took months to do needless to say I have a lot of hours and money into correcting something that would have been perfect if I got the item as pictured which looks amazing an was what I was expecting. All done an said I now have a very nice leather declaration that was framed beautifully in a dark stained solid wood frame with museum glass for years of uv protection and anti glare admiring. If I didn’t have to fix it or got a replacement that looked like pictured it would be 5 stars but with work an effort put into repairing to expectations and lack of communication I was very gracious with 3 stars because of quality of underlying product.

P.s I also see other reviews that have the smearing issue probably not as bad as the one I received but still seems to be a common issue.

Dale Whitaker

This piece is an awesome addition to manly decor so much as I am having a special frame made for it. Keep up the good work and hopefully some of the out stock items you have will come back so I can purchase some more.

XL declaration

Piece came today. The item was delayed but it was well worth the wait! It’s a beautiful tribute to the most important document in our countries history that I can’t wait to frame and display! Thanks so much!

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