League of Savage Gentlemen

What is the League of Savage Gentlemen?

From the most Savage barbarian to the completely sophisticated Gentleman, the League serves as a forum for us all to learn from and be inspired by one another.

What can I expect as a member?

As a member, you will be privy to round-table discussions on topics ranging anywhere from fitness and men's grooming, to self-reliance and personal growth. The expectation is that members with insight or questions on the topic will contribute where applicable.

If your intent is to consume information and not participate in the conversation, then this group isn't for you. We are looking for individuals that want to take an active role in their pursuit of knowledge.  

We also understand that not all topics will require a response from every member, but we believe that everyone has a unique perspective and your input is valuable. We encourage everyone to post thoughts, questions, and ideas to the group, with the best ones being presented to the League as a whole.

The League isn't about any one person. It is about the collective knowledge of men from all different walks of life and experiences. But it is only as strong as the caliber of those who comprise it. 

Count me in! How do I get started?


Click here to go to the Facebook Closed Group page. There you will be asked two questions:

"What would you like to gain from the League?"

"What do you have to offer others as a member?"


We will review your answers and accept members accordingly (usually within 24 hours if the responses merit admission.)

Rules of the League:



Savage: a brutal person, not domesticated or under human control. Does what is needed without consideration of the cost.


Gentleman: a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior. Knows which rules can be bent or broken in a given situation and which ones cannot.


Savage Gentleman: An independent man ultimately answerable only to himself, fully capable of brutality and uncivilized action, who makes a conscious decision to live his life to a high standard of propriety and correct behavior. Able to accurately assess situations to determine what ratio of savage/gentlemen is appropriate.


Positive Contributor: A Member who contributes meaningfully to dialogue. This can include people who ask honest questions, and/or people who have good advice and experience to share. A positive contributor will conduct himself as a gentleman, even when people disagree with him. Does not allow conversations or discourse to degrade into disrespect.


Member: A Savage Gentleman who belongs to this online forum, but is not a Mod or Admin.


Preapproved Member: A Savage Gentleman who belongs to this online forum, but is not a Mod or Admin. Their posts do not have to await an admin or Mod to approve. These people should be designated by the Team.


Mentor: A Member who volunteers his time to provide one-on-one mentorship to another Member on request. Members seeking to become a Mentor must first seek and obtain approval from a Team Member.


Moderator (Mod): Lower level of Group Authority. Can Add, Invite, Remove, or mute members. Able to directly add members. Also known as a Team Member.


Administrator (Admin): Highest level of Group Authority. All powers of a Moderator. Able to designate Mods. Also known as a Team Member.


The Team: The Admins & Mods together. Team designates Preapproved Members.


Who to admit as members: Anyone whom a Team Member personally knows, assuming said Admin or Mod feels the additional member will be a Positive Contributor. A person who has gone through the joining process who, at a glance, appears to have some Savage and/or Gentlemanly credibility, or is searching to gain those things. Both questions must be answered in a non-sarcastic manner. A person who cannot do that is unlikely to be a Positive Contributor.


If someone does not immediately answer the questions, the following message will be sent to them "Please answer the membership application questions to be admitted into the League of Savage Gentlemen. We are a selective organization, and failure to do this will result in your application being denied." If they have not answered after one week of this message, we deny their request. If it has been more than a day since the person applied and you are unable to message them due to privacy settings, deny them.

What Posts to allow and what to deny:

Allow  -     thought provoking discussions topics.

  • meme with a good discussion prompt attached.
  • a certain amount of bragging for SG credibility. People like doing that, and it's ok as long as it doesn't become too prevalent.
  • Links to group-appropriate articles that aren't just people advertising their own products or services.

Deny   -     Blatant Advertisements

  • Blatant political pandering from either side
  • Outright Bigotry or True hatefulness
  • Deny Memes (Unless on a designated post or day)

As men, we know the difference between something that might cause butt-hurt (this is OK, and needed from time to time) and something that is legitimately messed up. For example: A dispassionate discussion about the ethics of transgender females in combat sports, totally fine. A hate filled tirade about how "Chicks with Dicks" should be publicly shamed - not cool.

Code of the Savage Gentleman

Group Rules & Ethos:

We all love the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech. But, a true speech anarchy can be detrimental to a functioning group dynamic, so we have a very simple Code of Conduct. Most of these rules, we will never know if you break. But, if you lie, cheat, steal, hurt others, are a menace, or constantly complain, your posts and comments can be removed. If the behavior continues, you can be removed from the group. For egregious problems, you will get one warning from an Admin or Moderator. If the behavior still continues, we will remove you. After one month you can rejoin. If you continue to behave in an ungentlemanly way, you will be removed and blocked.

Integrity - Endeavour to speak the truth even in the most difficult of circumstances. To be honest with oneself in order to create an authentic platform for sustained growth.

Rule: Be honest. If you see something that is not true, let a Team Member know. This is a group that can only flourish on trust.

Honor - To hold oneself to a higher standard. To strive always to employ moral fiber, and strength of character in everyday life situations, both great and small. To serve as a paragon, devoid of self-aggrandizement, that inspires those around him.

Rule: Be morally accountable. You know what is right, do it. When held to account, accept the criticism and learn from it.

Knowledge - To put forward the necessary study to strengthen the mind, to develop skill sets previously unknown, and to expand the boundaries of the mind. Then to apply and share this knowledge for the betterment of those around you. To know is great, but strength is found in application.

Rule: Be willing to learn. Before you just disagree, listen.

Strength - To move towards a stronger physical form through discipline, focus, and effort, without excuse or backslide. To push oneself to the limits to achieve a new plateau, never settling, always climbing to reach the next level.

Rule: Be strong. Strong men do not bully their lesser.

Fortitude - Tempered, patient, enduring. Whether a physical task or a mental strain, we will hold fast. Through sheer force of will we will forge a better, kinder, and more potent man regardless of the hardship, great or small.

Rule: Be tough. Take a slight without a fight. Do not seek to impose your will on other Members, rather use that force of will to improve understanding across the board.

Respect - Courtesy towards others, without weakness. Respect for the self without arrogance. Merciful, and powerful. Thoughtful and firm is the savage gentleman

Rule: Be respectful. Civil discourse is both welcome and encouraged, so long as it stays civil.

Bravery - To acknowledge fear honestly and to confront those fears, and face danger with dignity. By confronting fear and passing through them we emerge on the other side greater than before.

Rule: Be Brave. Do not hesitate to ask for help or offer your help. Only by bringing ideas into the open can we hope to battle ignorance and misunderstanding.