What is the Legion?

The Legion of Savage Gentlemen is an elite group of men who have dedicated themselves to reaching their full potential.

It is a self-taught curriculum with self-imposed challenges, centered around the purpose of self-improvement.

Lessons and training will not be spoon-fed to candidates. Instead, "Legionaries" will be guided by experts as well as their peers throughout their transformative journey.

This path will long and it will not be easy. It is likely that it will be different than anything you have ever experienced before.

Which is the point.

Because if what you tried previously worked, you wouldn't be here.

But you are. And perhaps that is a good thing.

Your success depends on your level of commitment and willingness to improve... To be honest with others and most importantly with yourself.

We are not here to make you into a better man and we don't presume to know what that entails...

Only you can decide what that means for you and what you're willing to do to achieve it.

Our role is to be your guide on whatever path you  choose... To provide advice and resources along the way.

We can help you achieve your objective, but it is you and you alone who must take the steps.

And while we cannot walk it for you, The Legion will be beside you the entire way.