"Cleverness Kills" T-ShirtSavage Gentleman T Shirt featuring "Strength Punishes, Cleverness Kills" design in black, red, and yellow.

"Cleverness Kills" T-Shirt

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"Savage Gentleman" Beer Mug Drinkware Savage Gentleman
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"Savage Gentleman" Beer Mug

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'The Jack' backpack in vintage brown leather and green canvas.'The Jack' pack from Savage Gentleman is a canvas and leather camera bag for professionals.
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"The Jack" Backpack

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American Flag WalletAmerican Flag Wallet

American Flag Wallet

Camping Tin Savage Gentleman Camping Tin Savage Gentleman
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Camping Tin (White)

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Camping Tin Toxic Masculinity Savage Gentleman
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Camping Tin Toxic Masculinity

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Cleverness Kills Stein MugCleverness Kills Stein Mug
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Cleverness Kills Stein Mug

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Expedition Wallet - Classic Black Leather Goods Savage Gentleman Expedition Wallet - Classic Black
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