What is a Savage Gentleman?

What is a Savage Gentleman?

June 03, 2018 1 Comment

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What is a "Savage Gentleman"?

The concept of a Savage Gentleman is nothing new. In fact, one could argue it has been around since the dawn of civilization. At a certain point in history, we collectively realized that in order for humanity to grow and prosper, we must evolve beyond pure savagery. Thus giving rise to the gentleman.

Becoming a gentleman had some distinct advantages. First and foremost, it allowed us to coexist with civility. To live without the constant threat of violence and danger that were so common in the life of a savage. As a gentleman, there was no need to be concerned with one's physical prowess or survival skills, which served little purpose in polite society.

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"The world is not a perfect place..."

In a perfect world, it would be wholly acceptable to let our savage side atrophy and die. But alas, the world is not a perfect place. The need to protect and defend ourselves is as dire now as it has ever been. Unfortunately, it seems that a large portion of men these days have lost touch with any notion of their former savagery. The modern male had lost touch with an integral part of his primitive self.

It was upon this realization that a few likeminded individuals coined the term "Savage Gentleman", to represent the duality of a man's ideal state. Simply put:

"Be a gentleman, until it's time to not be a gentleman. Then be a savage."
This was our initial creed and motto. Which is all well and good, but it did nothing to guide someone into becoming this  renaissance man, or warrior poet, if you will. 
Out of this necessity, the Savage Gentleman Podcast was born. The podcast became the medium for us to explore and discuss how to become better men and improve the world around us. As luck would have it, we have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by some stellar individuals willing to share their experiences.

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"We seek to challenge, inspire, and motivate..."

It is through this platform and the combined wisdom from great men of the past, that we seek to challenge, inspire, and motivate ourselves to constantly improve. 
The allure of Savage Gentleman is that it is entirely subjective. It's definition lies within each individual and his perception of the ideal state of manhood. The challenge, is finding the balance between these two distinct, yet quite dissimilar, characteristics. It is a challenge that we whole-heartedly embrace.


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Debra Thompson
Debra Thompson

December 28, 2018

Josh, you are such a gentlemanly badass, and I am profoundly proud of you.

Love, Aunt Debbie
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