What is a Guide?

A guide is defined as a person who advises or shows the way...⁣

They light the path but they do not walk it in our stead.⁣

A guide cannot give the answers or solve a problem for us. They simply act to illuminate the path so that we can reach our own destinations.⁣

They are with you to divert your attention from the distractions that can lead you astray. Because when things get treacherous, you cannot save yourself from yourself.⁣

But a good guide will be there to keep you focused on what matters. They can prevent you from a fatal misstep or grievous error, but only if we are willing to do what they say.⁣

And if we can trust, and listen, and follow their guidance, we can ultimately be led to an outcome that could not have been reached otherwise.⁣

By having a guide, we can arrive at a destination that we never knew existed. We can start to recognize truths previously incomprehensible.⁣

To find our way, it is imperative to seek out and follow these guides. But it is equally important to recognize the times in our lives when we ourselves are called to guide others.⁣

Because the greatest gift we can repay those who have helped us along our journey, is to pass the lessons they have bestowed on to others.⁣

Our gratitude can be expressed by continuing their legacy of guidance. So that their efforts, deeds, and sacrifices can live on for eternity.⁣

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