The Wolves at the Gate

There seems to be this impression that there are wolves at the gate regarding masculinity.

To me, it feels like a mangy raccoon that is more of an annoyance than anything. Sure, it might get into the trash and there is a small possibility it could have rabies.

But is it really something we should fear?

It is marketable these days to try and conjure up visions of a world that is coming to take away your masculinity. That we are somehow “under attack”...

The best way to galvanize a group is to find a common enemy. But the problems we face as men don’t stem from some vagina hat wearing, anti-male protester. These people don’t really affect our daily lives in any way. Unless we let them.

Granted, there are certainly some who are openly against everything we define as being a man. But should we actually give them any real attention? In my opinion, probably not.

In fact, the more we engage with these inane ideas, the more legitimacy we give them. Sensationalizing the radical opinions of a few, and applying them to the whole, makes them seem far more prevalent than they actually are. Which in turn, gives power to something that is inherently powerless.

But the truth is, there is nothing anyone can do to strip us of our manhood. Unless of course we relinquish it willingly...

Our real battle is and has always been, one that is within. An internal search for truth, belonging, and purpose.

Because if there really was a wolf, the proper way to deal with it would be to go on the offensive. For a trash panda, we simply need to make sure our garbage lids are closed and secured, and the problem will go away.

This does not mean we should sit idly by and watch the world burn around us. It is simply a reminder to focus on the things that
really matter.

Affecting change starts within ourselves. It is only then that we can have a positive impact on the world around us… and it is only then we can create the world we wish to live in.

Here's to taking out the trash, gents.

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This article really hit it out of the park the only real danger is the fact that the majority of the population allows a little more of our freedoms to be walked on each passing day it’s a little more and a little more and if this problem isn’t resolved soon it’ll be too late

Matthew Tavizon July 07, 2020

If we just continue to to decent males…..the true meaning to me of being a savage gentleman, one that protects the oppressed and stands up with integrity in his life, then they can scream all day that we are outdated Neanderthals. Just because they say it doesn’t make it true. Also who will they be crying to save them when the wolves are figuratively at the door? Both sexes cans do the same job equally well if they set their mind to it but it has been my observation that some of each sex do not want to do any job no matter what gender they think it is or should be done by. I have been with several women who wanted all jobs done by me while they did as they pleased. Needless to say these relationships imploaded inward on themselves and these women found themselves having to do everything alone because no one wanted them and the last one can only get random strangers to be her sex partner by placing ads in personal sites online then she paying for hotel rooms for sex partners to use and degrade her. I will never speak to her ever once I discovered this after medically caring for her due to her faking having fibromyalgia and stating she was unable to do anything without my help.
In conclusion, the are bad people of both sexes, but there are good ones too. I am of the belief that through the process of natural selection or of a higher power (whichever belief You might have) that these poor examples of humankind will eventually be eradicated leaving those of use with morals, values, & integrity to continue what we do, take care of others and work together, both sexes, to make this world a better place for everyone and for our offspring!

Billy Chandler July 07, 2020

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