Savage Gentleman Josh Tyler Shooting Recurve Bow

This morning I was working on some instinctive shooting and playing around with a 3 under draw. 
One of the things I really enjoy about traditional archery is how much it is based simply off of "feel".

No aiming, no sights, no range finder.

Just look, pull back, let go.

This mindfulness and sensitivity takes countless hours to recognize, develop, and embrace. It is something I am still learning. But as I was shooting, it occurred to me how little we seem to utilize these features in modern life.

The majority of our time is spent planning and scheming. Worrying and wondering. Trying to work out every precise detail of a thing before we dare to attempt it.

That isn't at all instinctive.

For most of mankind's existence, (like every other creature on this planet) he relied on his instincts to survive. Now it seems, we only seem to focus on the "mind".

People mistake the brain as the solitary component of our nervous system. 
But in fact, our entire body is full of neurons...Constantly firing and providing feedback that regularly gets muted by the deafening static of  "thought".

Sometimes this override is useful, but quite often it is not. 

Too eagerly we look for someone or something else to inform us. We want to read or listen, watch, and calculate. However, the answers we seek can quite often be found internally. If only we can tune ourselves back in to that primal voice inside.

For all the wonders of the modern world, for all the information instantly AT our fingertips, sometimes, the most useful is WITHIN them. It is good to be able to think and strategize. It is better to be able to do and feel.



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I shot traditional ever since I can remember n started shooting compound about 11 r 12 my dad got a Bear Kit Bow sent to him in the mail. Steel pins n rubber finger grips on the string. But it was a compound. Even back than I noticed the mechanical advantages the compound had over the Trad Bow. But none the less it all comes down to instinct n being in the moment. I feel It takes just as much technique n instinct to shoot one or the other. Obviously for bush n push n jump hunting the trad had great advantages. If I was posted up or even stalk n shoot. I’d want a Compound n I feel like I’d want a compound for bigger game such as Elk.

Travis Strid November 19, 2021

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