In Defense of Analog

Josh Tyler on Train looking at Leather Expedition Notebook Wallet
We live in a physical world. A world where material things exist in spatial relation to one another. Yet many of our experiences are largely virtual.

Case in point, you are currently reading this on some form of a screen....nothing more than a series of zeros and ones that create a digital representation of letters and words. It is a marvel of technology that is supremely effective. Especially for instantly conveying information to massive audiences far and wide. It is a great way for us to communicate ideas and remember things.

But it isn’t the only way. And arguably, it is not always the best way.

Sometimes, doing things the “old fashioned way” can have its benefits. Just because something is antiquated, doesn’t mean it is without value Thus, we can make the case for the tried and true method of writing with a pen and paper.

Because the feeling of putting ink on a page is undeniably rewarding.

What a keyboard may offer in efficiency, the physical act of writing can provide in tactile indulgence. The words that are expressed on a screen are fleeting and temporary. A mistake can be deleted. Obliterated.

As though it never existed.

However, when we write, every misspelled word, every scribbled out sentence remains. This causes us to be more attentive and thoughtful. To take our time before committing a potential blemish to our pristine, unspoiled medium.

While some may find security in the backspace key and spell-check, the faults and flaws of a first draft are reflections of our own humanity. We ourselves are a work in progress, with many more revisions before becoming a finished piece.

Additionally, the physical act of writing is proven to help us retain information better than just simply hearing, reading, or typing alone. It is no wonder that many of the most successful people still jot down their ideas in a notebook.

Expedition Wallet in Classic Black

This is why we designed our Expedition Notebook Wallet. Big enough to hold a field notes style notebook, it can also fit your ID, credit cards and still fit comfortably in your back pocket.

We’ve taken them on our outdoor excursions, business trips, vacations, and even to the grocery store. Because you never know when inspiration may strike.

It is the perfect travel companion that is designed and handcrafted to last a lifetime of adventure.


Pen & paper cannot be hacked or suffer an electric glitch. I do not fear the battery dying in the middle of a sentence when writing. I have a few fountain pens and thanks to my mom and grandfather, enough bottles of ink for my grand kids.

Bryan July 07, 2020

I feel this. As I get older I look to older things. I used fountain pens only. I wear automatic watches. I use ham radio (learning Morse code even). And if I can ever find one in good shape, I’ll use a typewriter. I love tech but old school stuff just makes everything feel more solid and real.

Bobby Adams July 07, 2020

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