Great Fire Can Follow a Small Spark

Small Sparks with Ferro Rod Fire Making

"Great fire can follow a small spark" - Dante Alighieri

We all need a spark to get us going or keep us motivated. It can come from many places, but it is often found in the people around us.

Many people don't realize they already have all the materials needed. So if your fire isn't burning, usually what is missing is the catalyst. And frequently, it is found in something greater than ourselves.


Because without a good reason why, our fire will never burn hot enough to sustain itself. Though It isn't always easy to obtain, thankfully it only takes a small spark to start a big fire.

Our best source of ignition lies in our bond with others; our wives, our children, our friends or our brotherhood. We can and often must, draw strength and energy from those closest to us. The question is, what is your spark and what are you doing to find it?

Savage Gentleman Outdoor Survival Course Group Photo

One of our goals at Savage Gentleman is building a community of like-minded men where we can draw inspiration and learn from each other. Because sometimes, we have to go in search of that spark. We have to venture outside of our immediate vicinity to find what we need.

This was the main purpose behind running our Outdoor Survival Course and the driving factor behind starting the League of Savage Gentlemen; To create opportunities for men to join together in the collective pursuit of personal growth.

We all have something that we can teach each other. And we all need some tribe to belong to in order to thrive. Ultimately, it is up to us as individuals to seek out that source, and to become that source for others. 

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We take so many things for granted, and using those around us for petty reasons or not using them when we have a major malfunction in our lives is too common. Sometimes the folks around us, know us better than we know ourselves and can help so much if we just ask.

Dave O March 04, 2019

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