Going to the Barber is More than Just a Haircut

When was the last time you had a real discussion with other men?

(And no, social media doesn't count)...

I mean talking in person, face to face, about things that actually matter...not just water cooler pleasantries or idle chit chat.

One of the things I think we have lost in today’s culture is the ability to converse; to have civil discourse or debate. Unfortunately, we've even seemed to have forgotten the craft of storytelling as well. The ability to communicate ideas has been the driving factor in our development as a society. It was through the invention and evolution of language that we have progressed this far. So, it is little wonder that without this crucial skill, things are in their current state.

But what if there was a place to resurrect this dying art?

Not long ago, the barbershop was the open forum for thought and discussion. It was not only a place to attend to one's grooming needs, it was also where men could debate the topics of the time. A place to exchange thoughts and ideas, to test the strength of his premises and formulate new ones if they were proven weak. It is in the spirit of this tradition that we have partnered with our friends, Vincent Vargas and Throwbacks Barber Company, to bring you a new series called "Man Behind the Cut".

In it, we feature sit down discussions, man to man, just like in the barbershops of old. You can watch the first episode below, where I chat with Vince about fatherhood, the highs and lows of my fighting career, and how being a Savage Gentleman fits into our modern society. We're hoping to continue these as a regular part of our podcast, so if there's anyone who you'd like to see us have in the barber chair, please let me know in the comments!


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This I truly agree! People are now more drawn to their phones.
Going to the barbershop isn’t just about the makeover but the overall experience. Conversing isn’t just about exchanging words but of ideas and thoughts.

Jbrown January 17, 2020

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