Basic Instinct

Ever wonder why it’s so easy to become complacent?

It is because the human organism is designed to seek “comfort” above all else. Because without that driver, our species would’ve died out eons ago.

But this same survival mechanism that compelled our ancestors to build a fire, stalk dangerous game, and venture out into the unknown is now slowly killing us.

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Discomfort and pain are the system’s indication to “move”, lest we succumb to hunger or the elements. They provide a useful signal that prompts us to improve our situation.

At one time, the very nature of our survival depended on our sensitivity to these signals; Wait too long after feeling thirsty and you no longer have the capacity to source clean water and die of dehydration or illness.

The majority of our modern lives no longer present such physical and mental challenges. And while I am grateful not having to fend off sabertooth cats, our advancements come as a double edged sword. Convenience has largely dulled these senses or completely erased them altogether.

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These meat suits in which we reside are engineered to make themselves as comfortable as possible, yet it is only in the overcoming of obstacles where they can grow and reach their full potential.

There are many who would look down on certain activities such as climbing, hunting, or fighting as “dangerous”, “archaic”, and “unnecessary”. Claiming they go against the basic instinct for survival in today’s world.

Josh Tyler Savage Gentleman Rock Climbing on wall reaching

But look around. How many people are truly healthy, happy, and thriving? Sure, there are a lot of folks who exist into old age, but how many have actually lived? How many men are currently battling depression and suicide?

It is clear that the overwhelming and constant desire to be comfortable is no longer serving us.

The program for our basic instinct must now be shifted to purposefully seek out discomfort in a productive and semi-controlled way.

We can either choose to manually override it, or it will be overridden for us.

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