Savage Gentleman

Hemingway Fisherman Sweater


Old Fisherman Hemingway Sweater

Inspired by the iconic sweater donned by old Oinbones himself, this 100% wool sweater is a staple piece for any Savage Gentleman's wardrobe.

Because of its ability to provide warmth even when wet, wool has been worn by fishermen for centuries. It also provides excellent insulation due to the high volume of air it contains in the thick 3 gauge cable knit stitching.

Based off of classic designs from the Aran Islands, this sweater incorporates traditional stitch patterns, each one with a specific significance and meaning...

Starting from the center and working outwards:

The "Diamond" stitch is a symbol of success and good health. It represents the small fields of the islands and is filled with Irish moss stitch to reflect the seaweed that was used to fertilize the barren fields and produce a good harvest.

The "Cable" stitch represents the fisherman's ropes and the hope for a fruitful day at sea.

The "Tree of Life" stitch is one of the earliest original Aran designs, it signifies the importance of the clan and is an expression of a desire for clan unity with long-lived parents and strong children.

**VERY Limited quantities

***These sweaters are designed for a tailored fit so please refer to size chart below (if you are in between sizes or prefer a looser fit, we suggest going up a size).

    • 100% Extrafine Merino Wool

    • Naturally Wrinkle Resistant

    • Naturally Water Resistant

    • Imported
    Savage Gentleman Oinbones Sweater Sizing Guide

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Not happy with sweater

    I’m am trying to get my money back. Please send me a return label. Thank you


    I ordered a 2xl, and I think it should of been longer. I have an awesome sweater,

    Showing my gains!

    I am the kind of person that enjoys working out and winter time hides a lot of my muscles but this sweater it's great and really let's me put my muscles on display while staying warm the greatest winter sweater I've ever seen hands down the best one I've ever bought I will be buying more

    Exchanging a sweater

    I ordered the Oinbones sweater. I wanted to exchange a medium for a large. I have sent multiple exchange requests to no avail. Ive been trying for a few weeks. I now have a great looking sweater I can’t wear.

    Great sweater

    I've worn this once for an entire day after receiving it, and everything about it is awesome, from the fit to its looks.

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