Leather Apron

This badass piece is a must have for anyone who toils with his hands to put food on the table. Made from full grain cowhide and chromium tanned to prevent stains, our apron will protect your clothes no matter what you throw at it.

  • Perfect for anything from welding and machining, to tattooing or grilling out
  • Adjustable neck strap and waist belt
  • Regular fits up to 36 in. waist (can expand if you're creative)
  • Large fits up to 50 in. waist

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

exactly as expected with great quality

Strong apron!

Great materials and craftsmanship!

The badass is strong in this one

I looked at lesser priced work aprons, but took a chance and ordered this bad boy! Basically,
I dig leather... especially chicks in leather, but that is another story. 😉 Anyway, I’m impressed AF with this apron and given its high quality of craftsmanship, I foresee having it for many years to come. Plus, I look damn good wearing it according to Miss Right-Now. Keep up the quality products and great service.

Leather apron

Nice apron, however, I immediately replaced the straps with buckle straps. The holes in the existing straps felt very loose and I’m sure weren’t going to last long

This apron makes me invincible.

I just got my leather apron from Savage Gentleman, and holy balls... this thing is no apron. Its a superhero cape that you wear on the front. As soon as I put it on I could feel the power flowing through me, i knew my enemies would be vanquished if they dared to even come near. I can't say this will happen for everyone, but I also experienced some moderate male enhancement when I put it on the first time.
Not only does it look killer, and make you an immortal, it also has that awesome leather smell... which is maybe why I have to make sure I'm not around any supermodels when I put it on...trust me, they can't control themselves, it's embarrasing.
I'm not sure where I go from here, but I'm toying with the idea of taking over a small country and ruling it as a fair and just leader. anyway, gotta go... Thor is txting me... wants to get up for lunch.
Thanks Matt & Josh and Savage Gentleman, I'll be back.

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