Savage Gentleman

Vintage Leather Punching Bag


Vintage Heavy Leather Punching Bag

Every man has a fight in his life. For most of us, rarely does that fight involve our pugilistic skills. But regardless the arena in which we compete, the pathway to success remains the same: Hard work, Discipline, and Perseverance. Only through blood, sweat, and tears can we find ourselves victorious in our battles...

And while our vintage inspired leather punching bag won't win your fights for you, it serves as a metaphor for the effort we are willing to commit to get what we want out of life. It harkens back to a time when fisticuffs were some men's only means to carve out a living or make a name for themselves.

Classy enough to be a statement piece in the house, rugged enough to hang from the rafters in the shed out back. Your choice. Well... Maybe your significant other's choice.

  • Free Shipping
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Bag Dimensions - Height: 40.5 in. Diameter: x 13.5 in.
  • Comes empty and can be filled with rags and sand bags *chains not included (easily found on Amazon)
  • Filled weight approx. 90 - 100 lbs


 Will this leather punching bag actually hold up to abuse?

A. Absolutely. Josh, our resident Savage and 10-year professional fighter, designed this punching bag to take all the abuse one could dish out, while simultaneously looking like it belongs in the personal gym of Ernest Hemingway. We will stake our name on this bag.

Q. What happens If I don't like it? 

A. Well my limp-dick friend, we will first give you a hard time, then begrudgingly send you a refund minus shipping costs. Seriously though, you'll love it.

Q. What happens if one my punching bag fails under normal use?

A. We will gladly fix it for free! If we can't fix it, we will gladly replace it with a new one. Our goal is to make our customers happy and we'll bend over backwards to do so. If you encounter a problem, try to act like a Gentleman, and send an email to We'll get you squared away.

Q. How do I take care of my punching bag? 

A. We recommend cleaning your leather periodically with a soft bristle brush or clean cloth. Rehydrate the leather with a leather conditioner of your choice. We use Smith's Leather Balm for our boots, shoes, and leather goods. 

Q. How do I fill up my punching bag?

A. We've designed our bag to be super easy to fill. There is a zipper top opening that allows you to fill up your bag using gallon-ziplock bags filled with sand. Keep the sand bags in the middle (when looking from the top) of your bag to ensure you don't punch something hard. Line the exterior of the bag with rags, t-shirts, cut-up blankets, and any other bull shit your wife asked you to get rid of years ago. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Daniel Socha
This bag looks amazing

You can tell this bag will last a lifetime. It will take its rightful place in my workout where I'll beat the hell out of it.

Amazing Bag

Bag looks good and is durable hugh quality leather. Can't ask for anything else.

Kresta Morgan
The ultimate in quality

This is the most beautiful leather to look at and the feel is even better. Truly a statement piece of heirloom quality. Exceeded my expectations. Shipping was fast.

Donald Wilson

I still haven’t received my order

Dave Woods
Piece of Art

That beautifully crafted piece of leather art just hangs there... taunting you to better yourself... until you are compelled to knuckle up and remind that glorious looking hide who's boss.

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