Savage Gentleman

Leather Apron


This badass piece is a must have for anyone who toils with his hands to put food on the table. Made from full grain cowhide and chromium tanned to prevent stains, our apron will protect your clothes no matter what you throw at it. 

  • Perfect for anything from welding and machining, to tattooing or grilling out
  • Fixed neck strap with innovative adjustable waist/back belt design
  • Fits up to 50 in. waist

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kind of disappointed

The construction seems really good, but I was honestly disappointed with how thin it is, it almost feels plastic at first touch. Also, I’m a really big guy and it fits, but barely. 6’, 350lbs. I’m a full time welder and blacksmith as a hobby, so it’s going to get a full work out.

Leather apron

I honestly thought this would be made out of thicker leather. For the price I was expecting quality leather like goods from the fifties or sixties, Honestly I feel like I could rip this with my bare hands. I have some old school leather tool belts and a couple leather coats from the seventies that must be 3 or 4 times as thick. So, ya, a little let down. Almost ordered the $400 Hemmingway coat with it but couldn't get the discount code to work, now i'm glad I didn't spend the extra money.

Leather Apron

Love it ! Nice craftsmanship !
Way manlier than the one I've been borrowing from my wife!

Leather apron

Love this apron. Im an active hands on kinda guy. I build, I destroy then I rebuild. This leather apron is a great new piece to wear when making a new knife or welding up some steel along with butchering my own game.

Better than expected

I am really impressed by the construction of both the wallet and apron. Can not wait to use both products more. The cup is better than I thought. The masculinity of the calgon is more than they explain on the website.

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