Savage Gentleman

Savage Gentleman Leather Coaster


Made from Water Buffalo with a beautiful vintage brown finish. Your manly drink deserves something fine to sit on and this coaster is just the ticket!

"Savage Gentleman" on one side, Brass Knuckles and Straight Razor logo on the opposite side.

Customer Reviews

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Quality coasters

Craftsmanship is prevalent and I will be buying again.

I have two ☺️

One on my light table for my end of the day 😴 happy drinks and one on my briefcase 💼 ... no.. I am not crazy! This coaster is amazing... robust and classy... great idea 💡 as a gift 🎁

Buying small is worth it.

So I had to remind myself after purchasing this that I was so used to the fast, if not instant, turnaround time that you get when buying from Amazon or other massive online distributors- the reason I say this is because I was reminded what patience is and looking forward to receiving something and the joy you experience when it finally comes in the mail- we’re such a fast paced society that it was nice to slow down for a bit and then finally enjoy the AWESOME coaster and leather Patch I purchased- I’ve been searching a long time for a durable leather coaster and I finally found it with the Savage Gentleman coaster. Looking forward to being a part of their story in the future!

Quality counts BIG

The quality of these products are obvious!
These are actually worth the money I spent. Not like some places that focus one " you can find it all here".

Men, not males

Love the message. Loved the message when i first saw it which is reserved for men. Not males.

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