The Fight Never Ends, It Just Changes Arenas

When I was competing regularly, defining success was simple. Either you got your hand raised at the end of the night, or you didn't. But in everyday life, things aren't quite that cut and dry. There are no referees and no judges scorecard. Success in the real world becomes a much more subjective matter.

In the absence of fighting, without a win or loss column, I find myself searching for ways to experience the feeling of winning. It is an addictive habit that can prove difficult to replicate, but for me it has always been a driving force in my life.

Here's a video from one of my more grueling fights.

Recently, winning has taken on a much different form since I last stepped into the cage (pictured). It is the little victories that I strive for now... Getting up early to have time with my daughter before school.  Keeping my temper when my infant son refuses to take a nap. Finding a few quiet moments to just have a conversation with my wife after we get the kids to sleep.

Even just getting some semblance of a workout is a huge win these days. As life changes and evolves, so should our expectations. That is not to say that we simply throw in the towel and settle. No matter what season we are in, there are always places to find success. 

Whether it be in business, relationships, or our own personal development, there is always some victory to be had. The fight never ends, it just changes arenas.

- Josh

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