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man and machine old mine machinery

Man and Machine

July 05, 2018

Let’s take a moment to visit a bygone era, where a machine proudly stood as the beating heart of a once burgeoning mining town.


Over a hundred years ago, it whizzed, hummed, and turned, to haul mine carts out of the mountain and down to the valley below.



Now it sits, silent and alone. An ancient relic of a town long forgotten, destined to rust into oblivion.

Ironic, that it will be slowly reclaimed by the very earth it was once commissioned to remove.


As I look upon this massive monument, I cannot help but think of the hands who built it and the families whose livelihoods where tethered to its operation.

Men and women who have long since passed, but whose legacy lives on in their children and their children’s children.

But for all its mechanical marvel and glory, here it lies, long abandoned when the mine dried up decades ago.


We often look to technology to be our saving grace, but forget it takes a person’s touch to give it life.


A machine is only useful when it is running, and a tool is only as good as the man who wields it.



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