Inspiration without Action is Just a Daydream

Inspiration Without Action is Just a Daydream

Insert motivational quote about climbing your mountains here...

Too often we misconstrue motivation with inspiration. But motivation isn't something that can be found through Instagram pictures with cool quotes. True motivation (the kind that compels us to actually move), is something that has to come from within. Nowadays, we tend to look outside ourselves for that extra little bit to push us into action. But the reality is we must call into play something more substantial, something that is unique to us individually.

Unfortunately, no one can tell us exactly what that "something" is. Partly because it is constantly evolving as we continue grow. There was a time where my motivation to train harder came from a place of self-preservation: to win fights and not get my head kicked off inside of the cage. Now, it comes from the love and responsibility of providing for my family. And though my motivation has changed, the source that I draw upon still resides within.

This makes the whole notion of "motivational quotes" somewhat superfluous. Instead, we should take these nuggets of wisdom and use them as inspiration for our future endeavors. All the while, never forgetting that it is our own will that we must rely on to make things happen.

Find inspiration wherever you can, but remember that inspiration without action is just a daydream. Better yet, figure out your "why" and let that be your motivator.

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