Savage Gentleman

"Toxic Masculinity" Cologne


Because there's nothing wrong with smelling like a man... and there's nothing inherently "toxic" about masculinity.

Humans, both male and female, have the capacity to exhibit negative behaviors. Attempting to assign these traits to a specific gender is ridiculous; even more ridiculous than wearing a cologne called "Toxic Masculinity".

We firmly believe that you can be a decent human being without sacrificing an ounce of your manhood. If you agree, we are now offering the chance to order your own 10ml sample size vial of Toxic Masculinity. 

But what does it smell like, you ask?

Think of the most manly scent you've ever smelled. Now multiply that times a thousand! We have captured the essence of masculinity and put it in a bottle.

  • with notes of spruce, oakmoss, vetitver and just a touch of clove for a warm, spicy base
  • 10ml Spray-on cologne
  • Toxic Masculinity Logo Lasered on Aluminum Cap 


***Note: Real oils are used in the making of this cologne. Some settling will occur. Shake before use. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
greatest product ever

i love this product. the game play is amazing and the graphics are great!!!! i would definitley reccomend thise product to my SAVAGE GENTLEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 i identify as a half wolf hybrid and am every gender on the electromagnetic spectrum. if you could shout me out on your onlyfans, i would be ecstatic!!! my friend tyler muchosgracias is going to marry me soon!!!???????>>>>:"L:>>?>>"__

i want to smell good

Awesome stuff 😎🇺🇲

Very happy with the items I've received. They're all well made and high quality.

I’m Obsessed!

I bought this for my husband, who loves all of your stuff, but never wears cologne. This cologne smells amazing and he wears it every day now. I need you to make it in a beard oil too!


I bet it smells great...
I wouldn't know, mine was never delivered, lol.

The Savage has landed

Been looking for a Cologne that speaks to both sides of the spectrum, this is it.

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