Savage Gentleman Straight Razor

We've noticed a lot of people are throwing away their plastic razors lately. We're not sure why... What we are sure of is our razor will be passed down to your sons, and your sons will pass them onto their sons. 
Our razors feature gorgeous Arizona Desert Ironwood scales and as such, will be 100% unique from scale to scale. 
  • Stainless Steel
  • Quarter Hollow Ground
  • 5/8" Blade (In between 5/8 and 6/8)
  • Arizona Desert Ironwood Scales
  • Serrations on Top and Bottom of Spine
  • American Made

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Awesome new tool

I get very attached to my tools. I take pride in keeping my knives, axes, rifles and pistols in tip-top shape. This razor is no exception. Actually, it's a bit more rewarding because I use it more often than my other tools. This thing is top quality American made craftsmanship that I’ll likely take pride in using and maintaining for the rest of my life. I’m already quite attached to this razor. Thanks for a great product gents.

Savage Gentleman staright razor

It's shave ready, right out of the box. Being made of stainless steel it requires only stropping. USA made-an excellent deal!

Better than expected

I have been a straight razor shaver for 7 years and own a few razors. I was not sure about this razor but figured it might be made usable. Well it was usable, right out of the box! A quick strip and I had a clean smooth shave. Balanced, light and beautiful. All the things you could want in a razor. If you have been thinking about it, buy one!

Amazing products!!

I have ordered the straight razor and honing belt and both are solidly put together and very appealing visually. I'll definitely be ordering more products in the future.

Amazing razor!

I recieved this razor as a birthday gift. I've been shaving with a cutthroat for about 6 years and have had a number of different razors. Everything from no-names to very popular German razors, to custom hand ground razors. This one takes the cake! Its light and nimble compared to my others. The jimping on the blade provided a positive grip even when your fingers are wet or soapy. And the edge, right out of the box, was superb. Passed the hanging hair test with ease. Didn't even need to be stropped! This thing is like shaving with a laser beam! As an experienced wet shaver, it gets my mark of approval. It's not just a show piece, this thing will last you a lifetime. Thank you Savage Gentleman for making a great razor. You've got a life long customer out of me!
-Justin Sappington

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