Savage Gentleman

Savage Gentleman Straight Razor

We've noticed a lot of people are throwing away their plastic razors from the "big brand" lately. We're not sure why...
What we are sure of is our razor will be passed down to your sons, and your sons will pass them onto their sons. 
Our razors feature gorgeous Arizona Desert Ironwood scales and as such, will be 100% unique from scale to scale. 
  • Stainless Steel
  • Quarter Hollow Ground
  • 5/8" Blade (In between 5/8 and 6/8)
  • Arizona Desert Ironwood Scales
  • Serrations on Top and Bottom of Spine
  • American Made

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great gift!

I ordered this for my husband as a gift, he loves it! He is now telling all of his friends about it and showing it to them! He loves the nice, clean shave it gives him!

Eric Juelg
Straight Razor - Very Sharp!

Have been really bored with shaving and don't like wearing a beard in the summer. Disposable razors never last long, electric ones don't do a good job. I wanted a razor that was quality which I would not have to replace, would get the job done, and make shaving interesting. So far this razor has been great and I look forward to shaving each day. The razor has a nice weight to it, is easy to hold and control and so far I have zero negative comments. I would buy again and have already recommended to others.

Todd Miller
Great Razor!

I've been looking for a straight razor for many years. When I saw the Savage Gentleman razor, I decided that it was the one. I love it. Came out of the box ready to go. Close shave and no razor burn (like every other razor I've ever used). Plus when you have your wife shave the back of your neck, it keeps you extra honest. :)

william haley

Savage Gentleman Straight Razor

Awesome new tool

I get very attached to my tools. I take pride in keeping my knives, axes, rifles and pistols in tip-top shape. This razor is no exception. Actually, it's a bit more rewarding because I use it more often than my other tools. This thing is top quality American made craftsmanship that I’ll likely take pride in using and maintaining for the rest of my life. I’m already quite attached to this razor. Thanks for a great product gents.

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