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Savage Gentleman Wool Blanket


Manly Blankets - Stay Warm, Look Cool

Why a blanket you ask? If you have ever spent a night in the wild, sleeping next to a campfire under the stars, you’ll understand why. (And if you haven’t, do yourself a favor and try it sometime!)

An essential piece of kit for pioneers and cowboys alike, this trusty old wool blanket harkens back to a bygone era of rugged individualism. Paired with a permanently attached leather strap to secure it when rolled up, the Savage Gentleman Wool Blanket is perfect for you next outdoor adventure.

  • 62" x 80"
  • 80/20 wool/synthetic blend
  • Signature Savage Gentleman red stitching around entire edge of blanket
  • Permanently stitched leather strap with brass hardware

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

I have been running this wool blanket for a couple years now, AWESOME!! It lives in my Jeep. I have slept in it in the mountains of NH on back country turkey hunts in the spring and now ANOTHER added task is, as a dad who deer hunts with his daughter it prolongs sits on chilly mornings.

gerald king
Wool blanket

Great blanket, looks good and fits good on my harley.

angel medel
TSG Wool Blanket

I was excited when I got my wool blanket. Used it outdoors the first night and it was great. Kept me warm. Comfortable enough to lay on and wrap around my body. Not to small not to big. Perfect size. All in all...a wool blanket well made.

Craig Levy
I need a sleeping bag style one :)

Having to fight the kids off


This blanket screams bearded hipster man without the girlie man bun and tight flannel😂 JK I’m not a hipster but this blanket is sick! It will keep you warmer than your biker/wizard/lumberjack/fisherman/trendy beard ever will.

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