Savage Gentleman

Toxic Masculinity Tumbler


16 oz Stainless Steel Coffee Toxic Masculinity Tumbler

Whether you're on your way to command a board room or work an oil rig, our Toxic Masculinity Coffee Tumbler is the perfect combination of class and ruggedness. 
  • 16 oz.
  • Insulated
  • Stainless Steel 

Why Toxic Masculinity?

To most, the sarcastic social commentary on the phrase is apparent. They get that the term has been so overused and misused, it has essentially become a joke amongst real men who possess true masculinity..... READ MORE

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Seth Restivo
Badass Coffee Cup!

This thing is HUUUGE! Keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold! Thank you!

Gregory M Willard
Masculinity Is Not Dead!

In today’s society where everyone is offended by everything it is great to wear a shirt that simply says enough is enough! The fit is and quality is amazing in this shirt, I’ll be a lifelong customer!

Michael Tauscher
Best Tumbler I've owned.

I am completely satisfied with the quality of construction for this product, I could go into great detail for each aspect but allow me to summarize by simply stating it to be worth every penny.

Gun mental coffee tumbler

I’ve only had this for a couple days now, but I’ve used it every morning for hot coffee on my way to work. And ice water when I get home. And it definitely does the job. Keeps everything the way it should better than yeti cups I’ve had.

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