Savage Gentleman

Expedition Wallet- Vintage Brown


Men's Brown Leather Expedition Wallet

The Expedition Notebook Wallet holds your passport, cash, up to 12 cards, and comes with a notebook for jotting down your next big idea or updating your list of people to kill (just kidding). This is the perfect all-around every-day-carry necessity, that will impress in the board room or while on safari.

CUSTOMIZATION AVAILABLE - (Goes on the inside front flap)


  • Durable and masterfully finished
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Money back guarantee
  • Cowhide- Vintage Brown 
  • Fits in your back pocket
  • Comes with Savage Gentleman Notebook

 What makes your wallets better than everything else?

A. It all starts with the finest vegetable tanned leather. We use a thicker 3-4 oz. leather for the main body to insure durability, and longevity. We use a thinner 2-3 oz. leather for the inside pockets to make sure the wallet isn't unnecessarily thick. This is in stark contrast with most of the wallets on the market that use cheap, thin leathers, and fold the edge over to make it look thicker than it really is.

We then sand and burnish the edges to give a premium finish. This takes more time to do than simply rolling and sewing the edge but makes for a more luxurious wallet that will last a lot longer. 

Your wallet will continue to get better with age as the natural oils in the leather will patina, leaving you with a wallet as unique as you are.

Q. Does Savage Gentleman make the wallets?

A. Yes we do. We have a workshop in Salt Lake City, Utah. Feel free to come and check us out at historic Trolley Square.

Q. How is the personalization done and does it add any time to my order?

A. We use a laser to engrave your wallet, so it will be a permanent addition to an already stellar piece of leather. It’s also extremely fast so it won’t add any more time onto your wallet order.

Q. What happens If I don't like it? 

A. We will first give you a hard time, then begrudgingly send you a refund minus shipping costs. Seriously though, you'll love it.

Note, that we are unable to refund personalized wallets unless there is a defect.

Q. What happens if my wallet fails under normal use?

A. We will gladly fix it for free! If we can't fix it, we will gladly replace it with a new one. Our goal is to make our customers happy and we'll bend over backwards to do so. If you encounter a problem, try to act like a Gentleman, and send an email to We'll get you squared away.

Q. How do I take care of my wallet? 

A. We recommend cleaning your leather periodically with a soft bristle brush or clean cloth. Rehydrate the leather with a leather conditioner of your choice. We use Smith's Leather Balm for our boots, shoes, and leather goods. Once every 3 months should be just fine. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews

Ive had this wallet for a little over a year now and i love it. its my pocket tool kit. Ive put money, cards, bottle openers, card sized multitools, lock picks, small tape measure, rope, pens and if you have the right sized knife it will slip onto the top of your wallet seamlessly, like its supposed to be there. The book is trash. But if you replace it with a Rite in the Rain book and a small box of golf pencils, the pencil goes in the top binding of the rite in the rain. and the book slips perfectly into the right side of it. Right now i have a rite in the rain, a pencil, 6 cards, some cash, 60 inches of tape measure a bottle opener and a knife in my wallet. and its not overwhelming. it fits right in. The coolest and most customizable wallet i've ever had hands down. Creativity is king with this thing. Oh and the quality and leather is still intact, no splitting and i've truly beaten the hell out of it. Its been in the sea, through the woods, across the country twice, backing in the heat and freezing in the snow and its still beautiful, i'm looking at another 2-4 years with this wallet and i'm buying a new one. The longer you carry it, the more you get used to it, the cooler it looks. Worn in leather. 10/10. the knife i have in there is a CRKT M16-01. a Rite in The Rain pocketbook is a must for this wallet. And every real man owns a rite in the rain anyway so.

Ted Knight

Will i havent even got it yet.


Excellent quality & craftsmanship

Jose Gonzalez
Love it

The wallet exceeded my expectations. Quality leather and craftsmanship!

Edward Moran
Awesome wallet!

Amazing wallet!! Fits everything perfectly, love the note pad being in it to help remember stuff through out the day. Just straight up awesome!

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