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"The Edison" Copper Minimalist Wallet


Copper Minimalist Wallet

American ingenuity has been a core value in driving the world towards increasing prosperity. Here at Savage Gentleman, we're committed to carrying the endeavor of innovation. 

Inspired by America's greatest inventor, Thomas Alva Edison, our Copper Minimalist Wallet proudly continues this tradition...

Machined in the U.S.A from billet copper, this exquisite wallet is the perfect blend of form and function. You can feel the quality and heft from the solid copper piece that has been antiqued to a beautifully rustic patina.

Our unique precision beveled design holds up to 6 credit cards perfectly in place, with additional room for folded cash with the veg tanned leather strap.


Why did we make this wallet out of solid copper?
Because we can. And no one else does. 

But won't that make it heavy?

You're damn right it's heavy. It's the feel of exceptional, and if you can't carry it, I'm sure your lady friend will be happy to lug it around in her purse for you. After all, she will love that this isn't just made from cheap plates of thin sheet metal and bullsh*t materials like everyone else. She will appreciate the time taken to age this premium material and then buff it to make it look like it just stepped out of a time machine.

But isn't copper expensive?

Aye. But don't worry, we made sure the price reflects that so when you pull out this matchless piece, you will look ultra-refined buying that expensive lunch in Chamonix, or the Gas N' Go day-old burrito.

How are the cards secured and won't they fall out?

The Edison Wallet works just like every leather wallet. It uses a vegetable tanned leather strap that stretches to conform to your credit cards, holding them securely no matter the position in your pocket. 

How is cash secured? 

There is a groove machined on the back of the wallet that forces the cash to form a "V" ensuring that the cash won't slide out. It works a treat. This groove also works well for holding a gym pass (you know, the pain-in-the-ass ones that always break off your keychain).

Is it RFID blocking?

Probably. But RFID blocking technology has now become obsolete with the new chip readers and improved fraud protection policies, so we're not super worried about it.

  • Machined from billet copper
  • Aged, then buffed to provide a vintage look that will get better with time
  • Vegetable Tanned Vintage Brown leather strap with hand sewn joint
  • "Savage Gentleman" embossed leather
  • Machined "Razor and Knuckles" logo on back 
  • Holds 6 Credit Cards
  • Holds Cash (see image for details)
  • Works great as a "Front-Pocket" or "Back-Pocket" wallet
  • Proudly made in The United States of America by Savage Gentleman

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Please make more

Ive been checking availability regularly for over a year to purchase one of these wallets and they have never been in stock. I’ve reached out to the company and asked if/when they will ever manufacture more and have never received a response. Please make more so I can buy one.

Tavares R
A damn fine cardholder...

This is one handsome chunk of a wallet. Premium quality look and feel. The only minor concern is the leather strap the completes the rugged yet elegant aesthetic. It looks awesome but will only fit about 4 cards before stretching beyond it's usefulness of securing them. The sad part is that replacing it with a durable silicone or elastic would sort of ruin the look of this beauty, so I understand the tradeoff. All that said I am still very happy with this purchase.

Chris S
Great minimalist wallet!

High quality products at a fair price! Well constructed, built to last!

Hayden Glazener
Awesome wallet!

Very unique wallet! Does have some heft to it but will last probably a lifetime! Very impressed! I’ve used it for a week now and so far I love it! I wasn’t quite sure bout it at first but so glad I purchased it! I carry it in my back pocket and haven’t had any issues what’s so ever!

Michael Murray
Great wallet

I have had it for a couple weeks and I love it holds the cards and cash very well and is going to last forever.

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