"Toxic Masculinity" Cologne

Because there's nothing wrong with smelling like a man... and there's nothing inherently "toxic" about masculinity.

Humans, both male and female, have the capacity to exhibit negative behaviors. Attempting to assign these traits to a specific gender is ridiculous; even more ridiculous than wearing a cologne called "Toxic Masculinity".

We firmly believe that you can be a decent human being without sacrificing an ounce of your manhood. If you agree, we are now offering the chance to order your own 10ml sample size vial of Toxic Masculinity. 

But what does it smell like, you ask?

Think of the most manly scent you've ever smelled. Now multiply that times a thousand! We have captured the essence of masculinity and put it in a bottle.

  • with notes of spruce, oakmoss, vetitver and just a touch of clove for a warm, spicy base
  • 10ml Spray-on cologne
  • Toxic Masculinity Logo Lasered on Aluminum Cap 


***Note: Real oils are used in the making of this cologne. Some settling will occur. Shake before use. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great scent, but very faint

I love the fragrance (admittedly it took a couple of days to really grow on me), but the scent is very faint (as others have said). I'm looking forward to the atomized version - do you have an expected date for that version? I'm going to run out of the roll-on in short order!

Nice Scent

As mentioned in the title this is a nice scent, but for me not long lasting nor does it project as my other colognes do. Right from the start is directly a skin scent and I think someone would have to be really close to you in order to pick it up. I like the fragrance and would recommend that if Savage Gentleman were to move forward with a spray cologne bottle of this that they amp it up for both longevity and projection - that in my opinion would be a keeper!

Thanks for the recommendation Joe! As of this writing, we've switched all Toxic Masculinity over to the spray atomizer to enhance the projection over the roller. For anyone whom has previously bought the cologne with the roller, shoot me an email at Matt@SavageGentleman.com and we'll hook you up with a nice discount on the new version.
My first and favorite cologne

It is extremely rare I wear cologne. Weddings I do but that is really all. But I saw a Facebook ad for this and it fit my sense of humor. So I read about the owners and looked around and ordered my sample. I love this. Smells FANTASTIC. I do hope they come out with a bigger bottle as I gotta get some more of this. Thank you for creating this wonderful cologne. I will recommend it as often as I can to friends and family. Keep up the fantastic work.

Thanks for reaching out Logan! We are indeed coming out with a bigger, atomized spray bottle that should last years! Thanks again for the review.

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